Warnaweera Galle curator suspended for two years

Galle chief curator Warnaweera Galle curator suspended for two years has been suspended for two years by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) after failing to attend two interviews with the International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Corruption Unit.

Warnaweera has been banned from all cricket-related activity following his no-shows at meetings scheduled to take place in Colombo last month.

He resigned from SLC’s interim committee last month due to personals reasons and was then not to play any part in preparing the pitch and ground for the Test against West Indies last month.

It was confirmed by the SLC on Monday that Warnaweera, allegedly under investigation for having contact with bookmakers, has now been suspended. 

An SLC statement said: “Following disciplinary proceedings duly taken by Sri Lanka Cricket arising from charges that Mr Jayananda Warnaweera failed to attend two interviews scheduled to be held by the Anti-Corruption Unit of the ICC and failed to cooperate with and assist the investigation being carried out by the Anti-Corruption Unit and related charges of misconduct, the Interim Committee of SLC has, acting in terms of the Constitution of SLC, suspended Mr Warnaweera from cricket, cricket management and representation for a period of two years.”

Source: .sportal.co.nz

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