With PayPal and Xoom, you can now send money to Sri Lanka

 Xoom is making it easier than ever for PayPal’s 87M U.S. users to send money to loved ones outside of the U.S. With a new integration within the PayPal website available today and the PayPal mobile app coming soon, users will see new options and countries to send money internationally.

By linking your PayPal account with Xoom, users can now send to 10 new countries, including Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Guyana, India, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. With PayPal and Xoom, you can now send money to over 200 markets worldwide.

In addition to sending money to PayPal accounts, you can use Xoom to securely deposit money into bank accounts, send money for cash pick-up, pay bills and reload mobile phones for loved ones in more than 50 countries.

With this integration, users can now login with their PayPal credentials on Xoom’s website and mobile app to send money abroad. There’s also no need to re-enter financial information on Xoom since bank accounts, credit and debit cards in a user’s PayPal account will automatically be accessible within Xoom.



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