First jailbreak available for iOS 9 – Download the package

jailbreak available for iOS 9

Just four months after Apple introduced iOS 9, there is already the first jailbreak for it. A Chinese research team under the name Pangu has put together a software package for Windows that jailbreak for iPhones with iOS 9.0 to 9.0.2 .download the windows software package from this link

Pangu provides users with a step by step guide to the process. The tool will work for iPod Touch, iPhone devices from 4S to 6s+ as well as the iPad Mini and the iPad Air. Once the Apple device is jail broken, Cydia – the equivalent of the App Store – can be installed. Many of the apps and tweaks for download at the platform are not yet ready but Modder enthusiasts say several are now on beta stage.
After he has just been published the tool Some early users report some errors and problems in the jailbreak, particularly those involving the Preference Loader function, reported The Verge. This is expected to be fixed in later upgrades.
Before jailbreaking, users are advised to exercise caution. Jailbreaking terminates Apple’s End User License Agreement. In addition, it can also expose devices to security vulnerabilities. Finally, while jailbreaking is legal in iPhones, it is considered illegal in tablets.

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