Android 6.0 Marshmallow: New Features

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

As we know, the Nexus 5 (2015) and probably the Nexus 6 (2015) presented on 29 September by Google at an event in San Francisco. The Nexus 5 is then can be ordered immediately, the Nexus 6 availability is still unclear.But the more significant point is that at the same time Android 6.0 marshmallow will be released and is available for Android OEMs to port their smartphones. So if you have one of the newest flagships with Android, should expect to get in a few weeks and an update to Android 6.0.We have therefore put together again, what’s new in Android 6.0 all.Major improvements:• Now on Tap• Manage permissions for apps

• SD card is combined with flash memory

• Android Pay• The new app drawer and widgets with support for vertical scrolling

• Automatic Data Backup for Apps

• Doze and Standby app (power-saving mode, sleep mode, and disabling unnecessary applications)

• API for voice interaction for better support for voice commands in applications

• Multi-Window (currently still hidden, unclear whether it will be available at least for tablets in the future)

• Theme support (hidden at the time, it is unclear whether it will be available in the future)

Major changes

• Support for MID

I• Support USB Type C

• Quick Text Select, pop-up toolbar for Text Commands

• Direct Share for sharing content with a specific contact using the context menu “parts”

.• Better sound smoothing

• Built-in native support for fingerprint authentication

• links to applications (less notes in the style of “Open With …”)

• Customizable ‘Quick Switches’

• Support for Visual Voicemail

l• Native support for displays and displays in 4K resolution

Small changes / improvements:

• Ability to disable pop-up alerts

• Support for clock widgets and music recognition

• Support for immediate removal of screenshots directly from Notification Center

• Google Now Launcher supports landscape mode on the home screen also on smartphone

• Improved integrated file manager

• Native support for “Tap to wake”

• A more rigorous monitoring system for APKs (Apps)

• New animations download• Activate the power saving mode by language

• Text undone with shortcut to Bluetooth keyboard

• Multiple Merge and clean up existing entries in “Contacts”

• Interface “Select the default application”• Detailed information on all Apps

• Native support for Bluetooth-pins• LEDs can be switched off

• Do Not Disturb “with more settings for permeating calls (Any, Only from contacts, only from selected contacts, No)

• Scanning via Bluetooth to the accuracy of geolocation to improve

• Built-in Flashlight API

• Easier access to sound management (telephone, media, alarm clock)

In addition to the changes listed here, there are many hidden. Especially those that have a positive impact on battery consumption and performance.

Many functions in the listed changes can already be found in one form or another in the implementation of various OEMs that Google has now taken over in the core Android. Examples include fingerprint sensor or mutli-Windows. Other changes and improvements can be found in the core Google apps such as Google Now or the Google Launcher. The latter brings about in a long press on the app-Charge icon not only this, but also equal to the keyboard out to be able to insert queries.

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